EKA is a Costa Rican publication about economics and business. The readers of EKA are the General Manager of the 500 bigest companies in Costa Rica. The circulation is free, and the reader most request the subscription to receive the magazine. 75% of the subscribers are General Managers, Directors and Presidents who have requested the subscription.

First Publication:


Mach 1992



Magazine: 5,322

Web Page: ~6,000 unique visits per month

Newsletters are sent each week to 11,457 subscribers (National and International)

Web Page: www.ekaenlinea.com


EKAenlinea.com is the website of ”EKA, la Revista Empresarial”, a monthly business magazine of Costa Rica. EKAenlinea.com represents an useful tool for entrepeneurs and professionals, with news and updated information about economics, finance and trade. Also you can find statistics, surveys, forums and related links. The webpage of EKA, la Revista Empresarial includes past editions of the printed magazine in .pdf format. Just click in the link http://www.ekaenlinea.com, and explore what EKAenlinea.com offers

Average User Profile: Businessmen, entrepeneurs, bankers, and other finance officers. Economists, Business Administrators, HR consultants, and other economic and technologic professionals.

Our Company


Ekaconsultores is a business to business company. Our goal is to connect professionals and companies to promote business opportunities. We produce magazines, tradeshows, web pages, congresses and seminars in Costa Rica . This are our products:

Hardware and Building Industry


Tradeshow: Expoferretera www.expoferretera.com

Magazine: TYT www.tytenlinea.com


Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Tradeshows: Expo-Hotels and Restaurants www.exphore.com

Expovino Costa Rica (Wine Expo) www.expovinocr.com

Magazine: Apetito Magazine www.apetitoenlinea.com


Business, Finance, Human Resources and Technology


Tradeshow: Expoempleo (Job Fair) www.expoempleo.net

Magazine: EKA

Congress: Congente, Human Resources International  Congress www.congente.org

Confies: Financial Congress. www.confies.org
Contact Information


EKA Consultores Internacional S.A.



Karl Hempel, Director





De Plaza Mayor 200 sur, 200 oeste y 75 norte

San José, Costa Rica

Postal Code:


11406-1000 San José, Costa Rica



(+506) 4001-6722



[email protected]

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